Comeback Series

Everyone has them. A moment you gave up on something because it left a bad taste in your mouth, and later after some kind of persuasion you give it another chance and end up going back. And no, I’m not talking about relationships.

Whether it’s been on the TV screen or in the theatres, there have been several series I have given up on due to lost of interest due to poor storyline writing or the movie/show itself is just too slow for my taste. However, there are a few that after someone or something influenced me to comeback and watch it again that have grown on me.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
Agents of SHIELD
When this show first came out, I was very excited. I am a Marvel fan, have enjoyed the movies, and the thought of a TV show based on the Marvel movie storyline was intriguing. The first episode was good, but after watching a few more episodes I was unimpressed by the ‘no-duh’ story. I could see Skye becoming a good person and falling for Agent Ward. So I stopped watching it.

Then, after being persuaded to watch a few more episodes and seeing the changes that happened after Captain America: The Winter Solider with HYDRA, I was brought back to watching (and enjoying) the show. Characters like Agent May and Coulson had depth, and the coupling Skye and Ward didn’t end up endgame either. Thank God (way too predictable for my tastes).

Just finished season 1 (favorite scene from the finale “Hey guys, I found it.”), and am gearing up for season 2. Still not sure how I feel about Skye, but I like the other characters enough to be curious as to what happens next.

Star WarsStar WarsI never originally watched the original Star Wars movies, probably due to the fact that my dad never would have taken me for a Star Wars fan? I was however taken to Star Wars: The Phantom Menace by my dad when it came out in theatres. It wasn’t horrible, but I remember Dad not being too impressed. When Star Wars: Attack of the Clones came out, we went to see that one as well. However, after watching that, we were all unimpressed (its so unmemorable I can’t remember why) and that’s where my Star Wars story almost ended.

It wasn’t until I started dating Chris that I watched the first original movie at his suggestion. Star Wars: A New Hope was good, but I also wasn’t jumping to watch the next one. After a few more months and being suggested several times to watch the fifth movie, I watched The Empire Strikes Back and latched on. Several days later, I watched Return of the Jedi and knew why people enjoyed Star Wars. The creative storyline and planet backgrounds as well as the dynamics of each individual character was much better then the movies I had seen years ago.

Hoping Disney delivers with The Force Awakens this December. In the meantime, I’ll probably watch 4-6 again as a refresher while dreaming of Ewoks.

Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit

The Hobbit

My family ended up getting Lord of the Rings when it came out on DVD for Christmas. I popped into the DVD player to watch one night, and after all of the scenery shots in the first 30 minutes and slow plot, I turned it off. I did not give Lord of the Rings another chance (much to the chagrin of many friends.)

However, when The Hobbit was released in theatres, several friends in college dragged me to see it on opening night. I’ll admit, I fell asleep at first (I honestly did in the first 30 minutes). I woke up after a few minutes though and watched the whole thing… And liked it. I liked the story of Bilbo Baggins, the hobbit who never asked for an adventure and was very realistic in terms of character (afraid of danger, stuck to his previous ways.) I loved the magic and the adventure throughout all three movies, as well as the scenery (and was thankful said background was not the main focus.) Bilbo Baggins’ evolving character was strong and well built, hats off to J.R.R Tolkien.

(P.S.- Tauriel may have been an original character to the story movie-wise, but I enjoyed having a strong female character to follow… Also could have done without the romance.)

I’m sure there will be more comeback series in the future for me with the way stories develop. What about you? Do you have a movie/TV show you grew to dislike, and then came back to enjoy?

Favorite Nerd Valentine’s Movies

Favorite Nerd Valentine's MoviesLooking for a different kind of movie to watch with a loved one, your group of friends or yourself and the couch this V-day? Here are a few of suggestions:

Scott Pilgrim vs the WorldScott Pilgrim vs The World
Comic effects + romance + fight scenes + Sex Bob-Oms = I’m in. Aren’t you? Plus I tend to find Michael Cera’s characters amusing. What happened to that guy, anyway?

Fever Pitch
Before Fever Pitchyou hit the back button, hear me out. When I mentioned nerd in the title, I didn’t just mean what often comes up on the brain when someone mentions the word ‘geek’. Fever Pitch may be about baseball, but it’s about a guy who is a complete NERD about his team, the Boston Red Sox, and his struggle to balance baseball nerding life with dating cute Drew Barrymore life. Seems relatable.

Juno, the main character (hence the title), finds herself pregnant in her teenage years and we get to see this music-geeking girl live her life while trying to find a pair of parents perfect for her fetus (with fingernails) plus references to other things we 90s kids grew up with. THUNDERCATS ARE GO!

Spoiler: Michael Cera’s character is the dad. What did I say about Michael Cera and his characters?

Shaun of the DeadShaun of the Dead
A classic… But ever thought about watching it on Valentine’s Day? Shaun works to win back his ex-girlfriend, all while trying to survive the zombie apocalypse with his mom, and his ex-girlfriend’s roommates. Not to mention, you get to witness a true bromance that is Shaun and Ed. It is a powerful one.

Warm BodiesWarm Bodies
This is one of those movies where you have to take it as it is… But if you can do that, I promise you an amusing watch. You get to see life happen before R, the zombie main character’s eyes, after he eats a guy’s brains and starts falling for said guy’s girlfriend. Throughout the movie there’s record players with music that’s alive, more bromance, several good lines (“I don’t wanna be this way. I’m lonely. I’m totally lost. I mean, I’m literally lost. I’ve never been in this part of the airport before.”)… And yeah, some romance here and there too.


Any nerdy Valentine’s movies that you’d recommend?