Mask wearing Link

I’m a huge Zelda fan, so when Nintendo announced they were releasing an updated version of Majora’s Mask for the 3DS, I immediately pre-ordered it. Turns out it was a good idea as the limited edition version (with a skull kid statue!) sold out with in a few hours. Nintendo did a great job with the statue and I’m really glad I was able to snag one.

Majora's Mask

In my opinion, that was the only Majora’s Mask themed item they got right. They made a Majora’s Mask 3DS, but it’s all gold with the mask in a black outline. All I can say is….what were they thinking? Majora’s mask has great vibrant colors, and they could have made a purple 3DS with the mask in full color, popping out on the lid. I only needed a passing glance at the actual design to decide to pass on it. They did almost the exact same thing for the Majora’s Mask messenger bag available to Club Nintendo members – all black and no color. I was once again super disappointed.

The other reason I was excited for this game is that Majora’s Mask is one of the Zelda games I haven’t played a bunch of times. While I’m still remembering quite a few things, there are times when I’m not a 100% sure what is coming next, and that’s a great feeling. It also helps that this game is slightly abnormal when compared to the other Zelda games. The three day mechanic and having masks that transform Link in various ways definitely make the game stand out. I’ve only completed one dungeon so far, but I’m enjoying it just as much as the first time I played it.

The only downside to the updated version? Nintendo once again added the hint stones that show you exactly what do, just like they did with Ocarina of TIme. I feel it really hurts the game if you use them as half the fun of these games is figuring out where to go next and solving the puzzles that come along. Plus, it’s fairly easy to figure things out already as Tatl (your companion fairy) gives you plenty of hints. My suggestion – Don’t use them. You’ll thank me later.

Overall, it’s still a great game and you should play it if you haven’t already. Updating this game so it can be enjoyed by both the generation that saw it released and the generations that it’s new to, was an awesome idea. Now here is a little poem I wrote during my 15 mile run on Saturday to end this post:

I finished my long run
And 15 miles wasn’t fun
But still I pushed through
with the help of Chews
Now it’s time sit on my ass
and play Majora’s Mask

The miles only go up

For the last 7 weeks I’ve been training for my first marathon using Hal Higdon’s Marathon Novice 2 guide, and last Saturday was set as a 14 mile run. I have never run farther than a half marathon (13.1 miles) so it was a little worrisome when I first thought about it. I say ‘a little’ because after running thirteen, I couldn’t imagine one more mile being that big of a deal. The distance bothered me a lot less when I thought about in that way. I really lucked out with the weather as it was an unseasonably warm 43° and the sun was out, which made for excellent running conditions.

I’m now going to share with you the bane of my running existence: keeping a slower pace during long runs. My legs always instinctively want to run as fast as I can, and I’m terrible at remembering to slow myself down. The one thing that has truly helped in this department is the GPS watch Emily got me last year. It’s pretty sweet. It beeps every mile and displays my current pace, which I can then adjust accordingly. Granted I still end up running faster than I should at times, but at least it’s getting better.

Noteworthy items from the run:

  • I used my water belt for the first time! It was rough going at first as it kept slipping down on me, but once I got it adjusted properly, it was great!
  • People need to clean up after their dogs better. There was dog poop all over the trail. It was like running through a mine field. A really disgusting mine field.
  • My legs and knees didn’t bother me until after mile 10 which is better than normal. This is extra great as I actually got to enjoy the majority of run.
  • I used two packets of Hüma for the first time. It was odd not to be eating it at the turn around point and using them a little earlier. (Strawberry & Chocolate for the win!)
  • I entertained myself by quoting movie lines along the way. Star Trek and Star Wars were the most used by far.
  • I had to stop because of traffic about a tenth of a mile from the finish and I immediately realized I couldn’t stop for long or my legs were not going to start again. It was amusing and made me laugh.


 (Picture courtesy of previously mentioned sweet GPS watch)

Overall, I’m really pleased with with my pace and performance during the run. Add in the fact I had never run that far before, and I’m going to put in the ‘Win’ column with a gold star.

My legs have been aching a lot the last two days, but it was totally worth it. Plus the distance only increases, so I suppose I better get used to it. Either that or Emily will smother me with a pillow from all the complaining. (Haha!)

Here’s to the 15 mile run next Saturday! Cheers!